UX/UI optimization for the start-up Fraîche

Fraîche is a young startup founded in 2019 and based in New York City, USA. The brand deploys 5-10 smart fridges in several strategic and professional high-density locations from Manhattan to Brooklyn. The Programisto team built the mobile app to sign up for the service.

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Context and issues

The Fraîche smart fridges operate in particular with the help of facial recognition of the user in order to unlock; user previously registered via the mobile application. The selected products are spotted by the fridge which transmits the return payment information to the app.
Following the development of version 1 of the application integrating a sig in / log in via Google and Apple accounts; Fraîche wanted to facilitate the management of the log in & sign in by installing a system of OTP verification via cell phone number.

Programisto Solution

In order to support the start-up’s rapid development it was important for the Programisto team to rely on a reliable and stable technology over time and growth in order to achieve this radical UX/UI change with fluidity. 
Following a global benchmark of suitable solutions it emerged that the Google Firebase Auth tool would be the most relevant choice. We configured the application and the server linked to it to accept validation of account creation or login via a simple SMS received on mobile.
A phone number is not forgotten, the catchment areas of the fridges are 100% covered by the telephone network and the tool accompanies us on a daily basis. 
The UX/UI integration overlay of this change brings a less frustrating and bug-free experience.