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Founded in 2019 by two dentists, LearnyLib aims to provide up-to-date certifications and quality training based on the latest medical recommendations anytime, anywhere to more than 20,000 employees in the medical industry. Discover how the community, created from a simple Facebook group, gradually revealed the opportunity to create a true specialized social network.

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Table of contents

  1. Context and issues
  2. Programisto Solution
  3. Témoignages 🎉

Context and issues of Learnylib Community

Healthcare professionals need to stay connected with their peers to exchange information on the latest techniques, treatment protocols and innovative products. With this in mind, Learnylib decided very early on to combine their online training offer with the availability of a closed Facebook group allowing its community to exchange information.
The solution now has a community of learners of more than 20,000 dentists, pharmacists, physiotherapists and many other specialties, but it quickly found itself faced with difficulties in moderating and fully appropriating this communication channel.


Facebook groups are not always the best tools to facilitate these professional exchanges, here are some limitations :

  • Confidentiality : A dedicated professional social network offers better security than the social network Facebook, which is very opaque on the management of its data.
  • Relevance : Facebook groups often contain people with different interests, which can make it difficult to find information relevant to healthcare professionals. A dedicated professional social network is exclusively composed of healthcare professionals and it is possible to sort information by business verticals, ensuring that the information shared is related to their professional practice.
  • Quality : Facebook groups can be inundated with useless or irrelevant posts and even advertisements, which can make it difficult to access quality information.
  • Functionality : Facebook groups don’t always have the functionality needed to facilitate professional exchanges. A dedicated professional social network can, for example, offer document sharing and advanced search features to help professionals quickly find the information they need.
This achievement is based on several issues related to the growth of the Learnylib community and its needs.
Objective: to create a dedicated professional social network that meets the needs of specific interactions and issues of confidentiality / moderation.

Programisto Solution : a specialized social network

Our Fabriko (or product factory) worked on a native website solution built on a ReactJS/Symfony base. The project focuses on the development of a specific web experience useful to both the community and the Learnylib team.

  • Creation of the UI & UX and production of the “mobile first” models by our integrated communication agency Brumisphère
  • Hosting of the solution on a powerful, scalable and resilient server with our partner PlatformSH
  • Development of a high-performance, responsive website that includes all the critical features of a social network, while adapting them to the Learnylib community
  • Implementation of an SSO connection that allows the user a single connection to the social platform and the training platform

What about the back-end?

The API built in Symfony and hosted by our partner Platform SH, communicates with the API of the parent platform of Learnylib and allows to associate additional tables to existing accounts; allowing more interactions without going through a new account creation.

  • Creation of token and identification via the API of the Learnylib parent platform
  • Association of data related to interactions on the social network dedicated to the configured account :
    • Information on the account holder
    • Business verticalities in the form of tags allowing to sort publications
    • Association of followed subjects (followed, commented or liked publications…)
  • Enriched and powerful search available throughout the experience
  • Live updates of new data

The team

To achieve this project in 1 month, we have sized a 1/2 squad Fabriko, namely :

  • 2 full-time developers (1 dev back, 1 dev front)
  • 1 half-time technical leader
  • 1 part-time project manager