Development of the Citicks mobile app

Citicks was launched in 2013 by the partners of the Bordeaux communications agency AWAM. The idea? Take advantage of good deals in partner establishments in your city at a lower cost. The application, co-constructed with Programisto, will replace the paper pass used by users until August 2021. Citicks offers more than 50 must-see addresses to its subscribers in Bordeaux, Tours, Lyon and the Basque Country now through its mobile application.

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  1. Context and stakes
  2. Programisto solution
  3. Testimonials 🎉
Citicks relance activité commerçants

A team and an app at the side of merchants after the Covid crisis

At Citicks, since our inception, our mission has been to promote and reinforce traffic in the establishments that make up the dynamism of the “heart of the city”. ❤️

Context and stakes

Citicks is above all a practical app that helps you discover the best addresses in your city. In the form of subscriptions adapted to the rhythm of their outings, users of the Citicks mobile application will benefit from exclusive advantages in partner establishments: restaurants, bars, leisure activities, etc. In 2021, Citicks began work on a UX/UI overhaul of its website and mobile application under the impetus of its creator: the Bordeaux agency AWAM.
The stakes are set, our technical expertise in mobile development will be associated with the redesign work begun for :

  • Facilitate user navigation and improve the overall experience
  • Create an app that gives a real time context: where am I and what are the offers around me?
  • Allow professionals and users to quickly switch at the time of the Citicks app presentation to access exclusive offers
  • And finally, allow business users torenew their offers on the fly via their partner access

In addition to the technical interest of building a complex mobile solution, the fact that Citicks was born in Bordeaux and is now helping to revive the economic life of our city centers is one of the reasons why the team particularly enjoyed working on this subject.

Programisto solution

The scope of the project falling to us being the development and integration of designs and experiences drawn by the AWAM agency, we set up a technical squad composed of:

  • 2 developers Flutter,
  • 1 Technical Project Manager

From the registration and connection methods to the native functionalities, the entire experience is now at the level of user expectations in this type of market: efficiency, ease, speed, exclusivity.

In terms of collaboration processes, agility was the key word on this project. Our Programistoj* team was able to integrate quickly into the sprints of the AWAM agency and the dedicated Citicks team to ensure continuous and dynamic development. A relationship that has been consolidated over time, with our team providing technical advice to enable the team to better mature the project as it progresses.

Allow anyone to join the #CiticksExperience

Citicks is for all urban and suburbanites, both working and students. The personae covered by the service possess:

To allow each persona to find their preferred method within the app, we chose Google Firebase Authentication. An all-in-one solution allowing for registration and/or multi-service login.

Through email

Logging in by email is simple and has been part of digital consumption habits for several years. In addition to its accessibility, this authentication method allows to identify groups of users using the same email domains.

Through a Google account

Your Google account is a daily ally that allows you (among other things) not to remember all your logins and passwords. In just a few clicks, you can access the Citicks experience without having to open a confirmation email or enter yet another password. Your information will also be automatically synchronized with the application: name, first name and even your best profile picture.

Through a Facebook profile

Like logging in via a Google account, your Facebook account allows you to enroll in the Citicks app with a few clicks and will return all your personal details. In addition, the Citicks team will be able to better understand your tastes in order to offer an ever more personalized experience.

Through Apple ID

If you have an iPhone, you will be able to sign up for the app via your Apple ID profile. Just like the Google and Facebook method it is fast and secure; allowing the app to pre-fill in your basic information.

Synchronization of subscription information

Tous les utilisateurs de Citicks bénéficient de 7 jours d’accès gratuit et illimité à l’inscription, sans avoir à renseigner de moyen de paiement. All you have to do then is present the Citicks app in partner establishments to benefit from the best exclusive offers.

After this trial period, the user has two flexible choices:

  • Do not subscribe and take advantage of discovery offers that can be used only once a year and with each new offer from the partner establishment
  • Subscribe by the day, by the month, for 6 months or for the year and get unlimited access to permanent offers – more advantageous obviously.

Added to this first model is a possibility to register by indicating a referral code or activation code allowing to:

This subscription model is built on a Stripe© technical base connected to the API provided by the team – an architecture that the team has mastered, having worked with it on many other subjects.

Dynamic integration of new partners and offers

Alongside the shopkeepers in the heart of the city, Citicks enables partner establishments to be better referenced at local level. Moreover, the online partner space allows to maintain a relationship with the users through theupdate of offers, la mise en avant des nouveaux produits, the promotion of events and tracking of revenue generated by the service.

On the user side, the content of the offers is constantly renewing and the number of partner establishments is growing – always at the same mini price.

Finally, on the Citicks team side, this direct partner-user relationship system allows the team to focus on the essential: new partner establishments, new features in the app and who knows, new Citicks cities? We follow all this with the utmost attention at Programisto 👀