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App mobile pour Dream Yacht

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  1. Context and issues
  2. Programisto Solution
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Dream Yacht Charter

A word from the founder of Dream Yacht

There is nothing more rewarding than inspiring hundreds of thousands of sailing enthusiasts to explore the world’s oceans. Everyone should be able to enjoy the freedom to explore remote bays and islands. The local culture and cuisine matter as much as the sailing. […]

Context and issues

Through its history and diversification of activities over the years, the Dream Yacht brand has been able to develop around several offers across many markets. The main services are the following :

  • Boat rental with or without skipper
  • Cabin rental, with or without crew
  • Rental management for owners (or owners) and a range of new and used boats for future owners

A first important contextual information emerges: Dream Yacht services are used by two categories of users that we will distinguish :

  1. Owners → these users own a boat that is part of the DYC fleet
  2. Dream Yacht Charter customers → final customer of the service, this persona represents the people who charter the boats of the Dream Yacht fleet

In this vision of service use, we add that a customer can also be an owner (example: an owner is on vacation in another country and decides to reserve a boat from the DYC fleet).

These clients/owners have the ability to book a boat directly on the Dream Yacht Charter website.

However, the current customer experience requires a second connection to NauSys, an external specialized reservation system to manage the reservation details. This same system is also used by owners to get the details of their fleet (reservations, specifications, administrative documents…).


This achievement is based on several issues related to the necessary link between Dream Yacht and NauSys systems. Objective: integrate the NauSys experience into the Dream Yacht experience – all on mobile.

Why ? 

  • The NauSys website is designed to be “desktop first” even though customers and owners consult it mainly from their cell phones.
  • Customers and owners have a login and password for each reservation.
  • An owner cannot consult his reservations and fleet details from a single account. 
  • Finally, owners have too little visibility on the maintenance tasks performed on their boat(s).

Programisto Solution

In collaboration with the Dream Yacht tech team, our Fabriko (or product factory) worked on a mobile application solution based on an Expo base.

The project focuses on the development of a mobile experience specific and useful to both customers and owners.

  • The “mobile application” format meets the needs of users, the majority of whom visit the site and connect to the current experience from a cell phone
  • The user can now consult all his past, current and future reservations as well as the details of his fleet with a single identifier/password pair ; facilitating navigation and retention
  • The user, whether logged in or not, accesses a newsfeed on which all the news and articles posted on the Dream Yacht WordPress blog are displayed
  • Owners can now view completed maintenance tasks and send a maintenance request directly from the application, a new feature highly requested by this type of user

Crédits : Dream Yacht Charter

Programisto expertise application mobile expo



One of the main features of Expo is that it allows developers to create applications using a variety of programming languages, including JavaScript, TypeScript and React Native.

One of the advantages of using Expo to develop mobile applications is that it provides easy access to native device features, such as camera, gyroscope and push notifications, without having to write native code for each platform.

This can make the development process faster and more efficient.

And for the back-end ?

The API built, hosted by our partner Platform SH, communicates with the NauSys and DYC WordPress website APIs to :

  • Display the newsfeed
  • Authenticate the user
  • Retrieve the user role (client or owner)
  • Retrieve the personal data of the account
  • Retrieve the account’s reservations
  • In the case of an owner : retrieve the information about his fleet

The team

To achieve this project in 1 month, we have sized a 1/2 Fabriko squad, namely :

  • 2 full-time developers (1 back dev, 1 front dev)
  • 1 half-time technical leader
  • 1 half-time project manager